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a 35 3/4 x 79 exterior 2 panel arch door
35 3/4 x 79 Exterior door
A 34 x 77 1/2 steel 9 lite exterior door
Exterior 34 x 77 1/2 steel door
A 1 lite 32 x 80 Exterior Composite door
Exterior 32 x 80 door
A 30 x 80 Interior 1 lite door.

This is with a half round top.
Interior 30 x 80 door
A 36 x 84 single glazed (flute) door
36 x 84 Flute glazed door
SIZE = 50 1/2"  Sunshine Ceiling  

Wooden Sunshine Ceiling Box with amber & golden toned glass panels in a traditional design that allows all the light through without looking at the bulbs.
PRICE = $ 300.00
50 1/2 Sunshine Ceiling with Panels
Wood fir door frame left hand hing made for a 2x6 wall
Fir wood door frame and trim
This Door Frame comes with a transom window, the door frame measures 37 1/2" x 94 3/4"

The picture shows a rough door slab that is installed to keep frames shape. 

Price: $125.00
Door Frame with Transom Window
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the bent location

Collection Of standard doors with kits and door slabs

Stained Glass Window
All of our windows, some with kits, some without, all are sealed units.

Stained Glass Door
A Complete Selection Of all of our stained glass doors, and also a few etched glass

Collection of Any Odd glass peices that have no category, including ceiling panels units, and hand painted designs.