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Size 30"  x  30" DIAMOND SHAPE

This uniquely designed Haida inspired Sun God Window captures their traditional use of colors.

A Must See...

Price $400.00 OBO
30 x 30 Haida Inspired Sun God Window
Size 24"  x  72"  Frame & Sealed Unit

This is a favorite for any home. This stylized tree concept brings nature in without the use of color.

Price $350.00   OBO
24 x 30 Lodgepole Pine Window
Size Sealed Unit  36 1/8"  x  15 5/8"

This transom is perfect ot frame a view with the creative use of bevels & textures.

Price $150.00  OBO
36 1/8 x 15 5/8 Exterior Transom With Bevels & Textures
Size 32 1/2" x 14 1/2"  Sealed Unit

This tulip bevel window may be used as a transom or piano window, any where you would like to bring in more light.

Price $75.00   OBO
32 1/2 x 14 1/2 Exterior Tulip Bevel Window
Size 45 1/2"  x  15" Triple Pane

This traditional beveled glass window can be installed upright or laying down. This design may be used any where you want to play with the light.

Price $200.00   OBO
45 1/2 x 15 Traditional Beveled Glass Made Window
Size 13 7/8"  x  70 1/8"   Sealed Unit

Beautiful classic styling for any entrance.
Square diamond bevels with a soft grey & obscure texture makes you feel safe because no one is watching you from your door.

Price $250.00  OBO
13 7/8 x 70 1/8 Sidelite With Bevels, Charcoal & Texture
Size 67 1/4  x  10 9/16  Sealed Unit

This is a perfect solution for your entrance.
It lets all the light in with privacy & can be installed as a transom or sidelite...which ever you prefer.

Price $275.00
67 1/4 x 10 9/16 Transom or Sidelite
Size 21 9/16"  x  51 1/4"  Exterior Window 

There is a pair of these nice & simple star bevel designs. It lets in the view from outside with all the light & the prisms from the bevels look great in any room. 

Price $150.00 each  OBO
21 9/16 x 51 1/4 Pair Exterior Window With 3 Star Bevels
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