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Mahogany Bi-fold door

price = $5.00
Mahogany Bi-Fold
Bifold door 24" x 78 1/2"
Bifold door
Interior hollow door 18" x 80"
Interior door
a pair of 30" x 80" arch design door slabs
pair of 30" x 80" arch design door slabs
24" x 80" hollow door slab
24 x 80 hollow door slab
29 3/4 x 80 door slab
29 3/4 x 80 door slab
36" x 80" door slab  

price = $10
Wide Door Slab
Size 11 7/8"  x  24"

Here we have a single Calla Lily in a very beautiful flowing design that matches a pair of Cala Lilies in another door frame SP39.

May be sold seperately 

Price $75.00   OBO
11 7/8 x 24 Calla Lily match to SP39
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the bent location

Collection Of standard doors with kits and door slabs

Stained Glass Window
All of our windows, some with kits, some without, all are sealed units.

Stained Glass Door
A Complete Selection Of all of our stained glass doors, and also a few etched glass

Collection of Any Odd glass peices that have no category, including ceiling panels units, and hand painted designs.