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Size 49 5/8"  x  12"

This amazing Santa Fe inspired interpretation of the sunset is my choice for any spot in the house that needs some life. The color & style of this panel compliments any space that needs a boost or a little pop of color.

Price $295.00  OBO
49 5/8 x 12 Santa Fe Sunset
Size 14"  x  18"

This Heron appears carved into this piece of glass. This is not something that an amatuer could produce, it is obviously the talents of a master sandblaster.

The background is just as intriguing with its little used process from the past. This texture is created by applying a glue to the glass which crackles the surface to reveal a texture now often imitated. 

Price $ 250.00
14 x 18 Sandblasted Heron
Size 15" x 15"  Diamond Shaped Panel

This playful Orca is quite colorful & fun to have in the window.

Price $ 25.00
15 x 15 Orca Panel
Size 21 1/2"  x  45 1/2"   

This bevel design contains clear square bevels with a textured center stripe & outside border. The background is clear glass.

Note: Center design slightly crooked

Price $30.00  OBO
21 1/2 x 45 1/2 Bevel & Textured Panel
Size  16 7/8"  x  46 3/4"

Traditional Diamond Grid Design.

Currently one side only is leaded.
Additional leading available by quote.

Price As Is $50.00   OBO
12 7/8 x 46 3/4 Diamond Grid Panel
Size approx. 23"  x  47"

This ceiling panel is a great addition to any kitchen without sacrifising the much needed light.

This panel has 2 clusters of bevels & a fancy Victorian inspired leaf design with  warm beige colored leaves that goes great with most kitchens. 

The background is clear so it may be put easily infront of the plexi panels already in the light box. 

Price $ 90.00 OBO
23 x 47 Victorian Curled Leaf Design On A Ceiling Panel
Size  12"  x  24"

This leaded panel has 12 different shades of blue in a grid design.

Price $15.00 OBO
12 x 24 Multiple Blue Grid Design
Size 16"  x  30"

This unique Victorian inspired design very pretty when put in the window to show off the beautiful blend of color.

Price $45.00
16 x 30 Victorian Inspired Scallop Design
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