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Size 30"  x  14 7/8  Sealed Unit

You have to love the simplicity of this window.  It is not big but it carries a big punch.

Price $125.00  OBO
30 x 14 7/8 Window 6 x 9 Star Bevel
Size 20 1/2"  x  20 1/2" Exterior Sealed Unit

This is a great window for an accent. It can be installed as a diamond shape or a square in any room.

The bevel cluster has so much life to it that you will not believe prisms it creats.

Price $225.00 OBO
20 1/2 x 20 1/2 Fancy Bevel Cluster Exterior Window
Size 67 7/8" x 19 3/4" Exterior Sealed Unit  

These popular Tulip clusters are amazing in this exterior window. 

Price $200.00  OBO
67 7/8 x 19 3/4 Tulip Bevel Clusters With A Glue Chip Texture
Size 48"  x  18"   Pair  Window

This window work great in any area that you need extra light with pricacy being very important. The obscurity is created with the use of textures, no color.

Price $200.00 each OBO
48 x 18 Pair Exterior Windows WithTulip Bevel Clusters
Size 24"  x  24"   Diamond Window

This is a great way to bring in all the light without giving up privacey. It is fully obscure...even the bevel cluster.

Price $200.00 OBO
24 x 24 Diamond Window Bevel Cluster All Obscure
Size 18"  x  18"  Pair Diamond Window

This is a great window for many puposes but mostly enjoyed where it can play with the light.

Price $150.00 each   Pair Available
18 x 18 Pair Diamond Shaped Bevel Cluster Window
Size 30"  x  12"  Window

This is a great window with the calming colors of nature that compliments most rooms.

Price $195.00  OBO
30 x 12 Victorian Inspired Window
48"  x  30"  Obscure Ensuite Window

This is a great way to bring in the much needed light & keep the pricacey we need in the Ensuite or anywhere for that matter.

Price $ 300.00   OBO
48 x 24 Obscure Ensuite Window With A Textured Bevel Cluster
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