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Size 10 3/4"  x  23 3/4"

This leaded glass panel contains 4 different textures in a grid design.

Price 10.00 OBO
10 3/4 x 23 2/3 Leaded Grid Design With Multiple Textures
Size  12" x  26"

This fancy bevel cluster design contains a beautiful accent of red within the cluster design & outside border.

Price $95.00
12 x 26 Bevel Cluster Design With Red Accents
Size 11 1/8"  x   30"

This beautifully cut bevel cluster will amaze you with the sparkle & the frosted background makes the bevels just POP!

Price $40.00  OBO
11 1/8 x 30 Fancy Leaded Bevel Cluster Panel
Size 12 3/4"  x  26"

This bevel cluster panel has the added bonous of having a glue chip texture to the bevel & matching texture in the background.

If you look real closely the bevels cluster has a very subtle yellow tint to it. It looks amazing!

Price  $ 75.00
12 3/4 x 26 Leaded Glue Chip Textured Bevel Wth Clear Glue Chip Background
Size  12"  x  26"

You just have to love this classic take on a modern looking panel. It blends the grey & black with the lively pebble texture in the background.

Price $25.00
12 x 26 Modern Black & Grey Leaded Glass Panel
Size  12"  x  26"

If you tend to be attracted to the minimal designs, this is the one for you.

It has a classic square bevel to add the demention of the panel & a contrasting background of frost & clear that adds a little bit of intrest.

Price  $25.00   OBO
12 x 26 Leaded Falling Star Design
Size 12"  x  26"

Here is another one of those minimalistic type designs that works anywhere.

Currently the design is on clear glass only but may be spruced up with some textures or colors of your choice.

Any additions to the panel to be quoted

Price  As Is Clear  $10.00
12 x 16 Leaded Arch Design
Size  12"  x  26"

This classic diamond bevel design offers obscurity & beauty in one.

The clear diamond bevels are connected by a lively ripple texture with a complimentary brushed looking texture for the background.

Price $25.00  OBO
12 x 26 Pair Of Diamond Bevels Connected By A Texture
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