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Size 12"  x  26"

This is a beautiful way to brighten up any space. We have a brilliant dogwood bevel cluster & squares in a light yellow tint with the use of glue chip texture in the backgound.

In the border we used 2 different colors of green which traditionally was very popular. 

Price $50.00
12 x 26 Yellow Tinted Dogwood Bevel Cluster
Size 12 1/2  x  22 1/2

Here we have a classic use of square bevels.
It looks great in any situation.

Price 25.00   OBO
12 1/2 x 22 1/2 Traditional Bevel Design
Size 12"  x  24"

This brilliant bevel cluster will send the beautiful prisms throughout your room.

Price $60.00
12 x 24 Brilliant Bevel Cluster With A Textured Background
Size 12"  x  26"

You are looking at a classic use of Diamond bevels.

Price $10.00  OBO
12 x 24 Diamond Bevel Panel
Size 6 3/4"  x  30 3/4"

This panel is waiting for you to choose the color or textures for this design.

As Is Price $10.00
Custom Choices By Quote Only
6 3/4 x 30 3/4 Classic Square Bevel Cluster Design MADE TO SUIT
Size 12"  x  26"

This is one of my favorite panels...
I love the use of this rich port color & a soft olive green. The texture in the backgound just sets it off.

Price $75.00  OBO
12 x 26 Tulip Bevel In A Victorian Inspired Design
Size 12"  x  26"

This design uses all the tones of amber to compliment any wood around it.

Price $ 45.00  OBO
12 x 26 Geometric Design
Size 12"  x  26"

Here is a classic chevron design from the Arts & Craft era.

The colors are a contrasting shades of taupe which is perfect for most interiors.

Price $45.00   OBO
12 x 26 Craftsmen Design With Chevrons
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