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Size 20" x 64"   sealed unit

This obscure design is a stylized view of the BC coast which is easy to live with because of its calming effects.

Comes with a frame for a metal door installation

Price $500.00
20 x 64 Stylized BC Scene Doorlite
20" x 64" Obscure Stylized Heron Sealed Unit 

With the frosty background, sparkling sun & textured grey herons this leaded doorlite allows all the light in with the added benifet of privacy. 

Doorlite comes with frame for exterior metal door.

Price = $295.00
20 x 64 Stylized Heron Design Doorlite
22" x 64" Fancy Beveled Glass Dual Sealed Unit

This amazing original bevel design concentrates most of the prismic bevels to the outside of the glass which allows for an unobstructed view outside & colorful prisims dancing in your space.

Price = $300.00
Exterior Beveled Glass Doorlite
30" x 80" Interior Leaded Glass Door

This wonderful leaded glass door allows you to bring the garden in to any room.

The natural colors allow it to work with any decor & the bevels add that little bit of sparkle that we all love & enjoy.

Price $250.00
30 x 80 Leaves & Bevel Interior Door
34  x  80 Metal Exterior Door With Full Lite Designer Glass Sealed Unit

22" x 64"  beveled glass sealed unit with various textures for maxuimum brightness & moderate privacy.

Price = $225
34 x 80 Exterior Door with Beveled Glass
28" x 80" Interior door with a leaded leaf design on textured glass. 

The leaf design is offset by bevels which adds the sparkle we all love.

Price = $295.00
28 x 80 Interior Door with Leaves & Bevels Offset
Size  21 5/8" x 67 1/4"  Panel for Interior Door

This amazing Art Deco inspired bevel design  has a bevel cluster that absolutely fills the panel. 

Price = $350.00 OBO
21 5/8 x 67 1/4 Large Bevel Interior Door Glass Panel
Door Size 36" x 79"    Glass Size 22" x 64"

Exterior metal door & a sealed unit featuring a sandblasted marsh scene with ducks & bull rushes which is designed for those that require a little more privacy at their door.

Price  $ 280.00
36 x 79 Sandblast Marsh Scene Exterior Door
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