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SIZE = 36"  x  36"  Circle

Original Hand Painted Glass 

PRICE = $ 100.00
Size  647/8  x  14 7/8

A leaded Stylized West Coast Scene with light green islands & a soft yellow sun with clear glass background

Price $120.00   OBO
64 1/4 x 14 7/8 Stylized West Coast Scene
Size 12 1/8"  x  26"

A stunning Butterfly wing presented in warm natural tones of amber, ivory & terra cotta. Clear glass background.

Price $50.00  OBO
12 1/8 x 26 Butterfly Wing
Size 11 7/8"  x  26"

A stunning Butterfly wing presented with strong colors, a contrast of red, black & a playfull sparkling texture.
Clear glass background.

Price $50.00  OBO
11 7/8 x 26 Butterfly Wing
Size 13 3/4"  x  40 3/4"  Cabinet Door

This leaded 6 Bevel Design absolutely compements the tall slim cathedral shape of this door.

The square bevels are clear with a glue chip texture only on the outside of the design & the center is left clear. Brass leading

Price $50.00  OBO
13 1/4 x 40 3/4 6 Bevel Design
Size 10 5/8"  x  17 3/8"  Hanger

This is a colorful interpretation of the mountains at dusk here on the West Coast.
With the jewel tones of purple & blue in waterglass it makes any window bright & cheerful.

Price $85.00  OBO
10 5/8 x 17 3/8 Traditional Stained Glass Mountain Scene Hanger
Size 19 5/8" Traditional Stained Glass Hanger

This traditional stained glass tropical fish hanger is bright & lively & would brighten up any mood or window. 

Price $225.00  OBO
19 5/8 Tropical Fish Hanger
Size  22"  x  36"  

This modern contemporary leaded panel introduces the beauty & variations that can be created by mixing textures & not using any color at all.

Contemporary yes...but easy to live with the added privacy & bright atmosphere it creates.

Price $300.00   OBO
22 x 36 Contemporary Style Using Only Textures
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Collection Of standard doors with kits and door slabs

Stained Glass Window
All of our windows, some with kits, some without, all are sealed units.

Stained Glass Door
A Complete Selection Of all of our stained glass doors, and also a few etched glass

Collection of Any Odd glass peices that have no category, including ceiling panels units, and hand painted designs.