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I have a total of 4 light tables. Prices below are less than 1/2 the cost of just the materials.

All heavily built, can hold a ton of weight.  All are 36” height.
Every ballast works just fine, all wiring done to code.

All are made using full spectrum light bulbs. (about $ 8.00 per bulb)
Every ballast has its own switch, so you can have two bulbs on at a time, or all of them.
All have heavy duty, long power cords, plugs into standard 110.
All have extra power outlets on each table.
All have 6mm clear tempered glass tops.
All have under table storage and standing ledge.

They are built modular with screws and bolts, so they will break down.

Large table = 71”  x  101”               28 Ballast = Total of 56 bulbs                        $ 900.00

Pair of tables = 51”  x  104”           20 Ballast = Total of 40 bulbs                        $ 750.00 ea

Single table = 48”  x  101”              16 Ballast = Total of 32 bulbs                        $ 600.00
heavy duty Light tables
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Collection Of standard doors with kits and door slabs

Stained Glass Window
All of our windows, some with kits, some without, all are sealed units.

Stained Glass Door
A Complete Selection Of all of our stained glass doors, and also a few etched glass

Collection of Any Odd glass peices that have no category, including ceiling panels units, and hand painted designs.